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Clear Aligner Therapy, Fixed Straight Wire Orthodontics - Matthew Stitt

Composite Bonding - Amy-Beth Cowan

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Matthew Stitt

Matthew graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2010 and completed his vocational training year in Tarbert, Argyll which was followed by a 6 month post in Endodontics at Glasgow Dental Hospital and 6 months working with the Public Dental Service in NHS Forth Valley.

Matthew has been working in general practice since 2013, joining Frederick Dental Practice in 2017. He has completed several courses in restorative dentistry, most notably Paul Tipton’s year-long restorative course in Manchester, as well as several others concentrating on composite restorations (white fillings) and veneer, crown and bridge preparations.

He has developed a keen interest in Orthodontics and completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Orthodontics in 2021, allowing him to provide fixed straight-wire orthodontics and clear aligner treatment (Invisalign and SureSmile).

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Amy-Beth Cowan

Amy-Beth graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2013 and did her 1-year Vocational training in Kilmarnock. After that, she landed her first associate position in Saltcoats before joining Frederick Dental Practice in 2015.

Since then, Amy-Beth has completed a year-long restorative course as well as several courses concentrating on anterior and posterior composite (white filling) restorations and anterior and posterior prep courses, improving her preps for veneers, crowns and bridges. She recently completed an anterior composite masterclass, improving her composite bonding skills and is excited to be able to offer patients quality, aesthetic restorations.

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