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Clint Uwadiae


I provide IV sedation for anxious patients or patients who though can cope with routine dentistry do need an extra support to cope with a more extensive treatment like surgery or multiple extractions.

Experienced in providing crowns, bridges and veneers. Root canal therapy including . With a great experience in surgery including apicectomy, third molar surgery etc.

I also now provide Invisalign.

Please assess and confirm the following information and include with referral

Patient over 18 years
ASA I or II only.
Patient BMI less than 35
Patient has fit/healthy adult escort should can attend with them on the day if sedation. (Escort not needed for consultations)
Patient is aware there is a £50 deposit taken when sedation appointment(s) made.
Exempt patients must also pay deposit

Referral information required

patient name, DOB, contact details
Referring dentists name, practice address, GDC number.
Relevant MH, BMI, ASA Category.
Treatment required.
Immediate dentures to be provided by referring dentist

IV referrals NOT accepted for

Patients under age 18
patients with ASA category III or above
Patients with BMI greater than 35
surgical extractions close to ID nerve

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